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My Exceptional Life

The online membership program for people who want great confidence and happy, successful relationships

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My Exceptional Life

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Learn How To:

​Stop being taken for granted, gain respect, be truly heard, acknowledged and valued - while still being kind and considerate

​Speak up, say No, express anger in healthy ways, and set limits that people will respect

​Stop bickering and start ​communicating

Stop playing games and have grown up relationships

​Attract the right people into your life, stop giving in to people's demands and know where you stand


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​Coming early 2020

What makes this membership programme special?

This membership is based on over 25 years experience helping clients gain more confidence, overcome ​anxiety and have happier more successful relationships

Hi, I'm Marléne Rose Shaw, ​ therapist, coach and ​personal development author.

Over the past twenty-five years, I’ve been privileged to help thousands of people.  

I love to teach people ​simple and actionable steps ​to help them make rapid shifts towards ​more confidence​​and ​happier relationships.

​I’m passionate about helping people ​free themselves from the blocks that have been keeping them stuck ​

​Join me in this monthly only program to help you gain more confidence, happier relationships and success​ - Your Exceptional Life!